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Beach huts on the Chine - Poole, Dorset, August 2014.

(As ever, more of my photography can be found here, I appreciate any and all feedback, and, though I love you all fiercely, please do try and refrain from removing the text/source if you reblog/share this post. Cheers! Jim).

I know these huts well from when I uses to live in Poole and walk along the front from sandbanks into Bournemouth - happy memories…


Tomorrow is yet another exams result day. The joys of being in a job where they want to ‘invest in your future’ and ‘professionalise the service’…what’s that all about? Am I right?

Anywho, I feel remarkably calm about the prospect – I worked myself silly in the run-up and can hand on my heart say…

Hear hear

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